SE hand swims ” boreal Europe goddess analyses: Genetic ” conduct propaganda piece the 2nd play give off

This conduct propaganda piece differ with first, provide the picture that real opportunity game fights formally, can see, main game means still resembles classical north Europe goddess is same, use flank horizontal edition to depict action picture, include active double hit efforts to cooperate. wait-and-see and whether does the consideration plan to be able to look into the player of hole, make a decision.


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Close the horrible flavor in the prison alone work of this VR experience can tell you

Because VR can be offerred,be enmeshed style experience, it attracted game developer not only, also make a journalist infatuate. Current, media of a few news had developed the test of VR respect. New York Times once extended freely Cardboard, still rolled out film of a few VR, for instance Syrian refugee camp is setting ” The Displaced ” the VR movie that the PBS TV station of; United States has made reflective dust rich pull virus.

Nonnydela Pena of forerunner of the CEO of Emblematic Group company, VR is advocated actively all the time be enmeshed the news of type, think it gives a person a kind of real spot sense. Recently, the website that defend a newspaper rolled out a special VR to experience ” 6 9: The fictitious experience that imprisons prison house alone ” .

Alone imprisonment is a kind of very brutal penalty. In the jail, execute the law what personnel more uses is segregation perhaps restricts the action to wait for a vocabulary, because the reason of alone imprisonment is very much.

But no matter why be planted view, convict is to be kept apart to be in hut, cannot communicate with someone else, and imprisonment time may be not affirmatory. Be in ” 6 9 ” in VR experience, the effect that people can experience alone imprisonment to be caused to convict psychology personally.

” 6 9 ” the design used Unity engine. Of psychologist of the decorates draw materials to imprison convict alone at 7 bed sheet testimony of fictitious prison house, crime state and the settin[……]

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