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Horsebean has a variety of name, call arhat beans again for instance, the person of some places is Hu Dou, be in some places, people regards horsebean as commissariat, perhaps regard as vegetable will eat, also can use feed of the domestic animals that make, horsebean contains many protein, carbohydrate, vitamin B2 to wait a moment, what profit does so green horsebean have to human body health?

What are the effect of green horsebean and action?

The first, the effect of green horsebean and action

Tender horsebean is a kind seasonal very strong season is vegetable, should before it is too late edible. After rinding, if bean top resembles the crescent moon form like fingernail showing reseda, explain horsebean is very tender, can take housing to eat; Be likeForum of Shanghai night net

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Had blackened if really, explain old, the content of vitamin C can drop somewhat. Horsebean is fresh and tender degree different, have a way also each different. Tender horsebean can be thoroughlied cook, or with a few oil stir-fry before stewing is fried, fresh and tender and goluptious. Old horsebean is OK piece of make it beans is short, or wait to boil boiling water together with the egg, the entrance is lubricant, exquisite. Be in southern region, useful still horsebean and rice cook, the tradition that boils congee, can add the protein content in the meal so, reduce nutrient loss.

Tender horsebean is OK beneficial is enraged be good at lienal, benefit wet detumescence. Additional, silkwormSh1f of Shanghai Long Feng forum

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Fabaceous nutrition is rich, every 100 grams contain carbohydrate of 9 grams protein, 19 grams, still contain a lot ofa variety of healthful nutriment such as B of prandial fiber, calcic, phosphor, Potassium, vitamin, carotene. The protein in tender horsebean, soja is next to in all sorts of legume. The phosphatide of important composition composition that it still contains cerebrum and nerve organization and rich choline, have the effect that enhances memory, be good at head. In addition, horsebean is food of low quantity of heat, suffer from to tall blood fat, hypertension and cardiovascular diseaseForum of Shanghai night net

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Person for, it is high grade green food.

What are the effect of green horsebean and action?

The 2nd, the nutrient value of horsebean

Beans of horsebean alias summer, Buddha beans, introduced from the northern and western nationalities or from abroad beans, arhat beans. People has broad bean at ordinary times basically is horsebean eating blueness, also have the serves as snacks horsebean that thoroughly cook. Shanghai noble baby communicates an area

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Fabaceous nutrition and effect have:

1. benefit wet detumescence. Pleasant of horsebean sex flavour is smooth, can beneficial is enraged be good at lienal, benefit wet detumescence, edible of the person that suit lienal empty diarrhoea particularly.

2. is contained a lot ofmineral. Contain a lot ofvitamin C, B1, B2, and calcic, iron, phosphor mineral.

3. reduces cholesterol. Horsebean skin can reduce cholesterol, stimulative bowel wriggles.

4. prevents alvine cancer. Have certain effect to preventing alvine cancer, still can defer arteriosclerosis.

5. has the effect that enhances memory.

What are the effect of green horsebean and action? 1000 beautiful nets of Shanghai

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The 3rd, sanitarian cookbook

Hair of water of a thick soup of 1. holothurian horsebean is holothurian 30 grams, horsebean 1OO is overcome, slices of fish meat, candy, vinegar each are right amount. Immerse horsebean first bilge flay, holothurian cut into shreds; Put horsebean, holothurian, slices of fish meat in person boiler, add water to be boiled in all know sth thoroughly when, add candy, vinegar each a few is smooth can, but be eaten together with rice or bread feeds. This a thick soup is had be good at the effect with lienal beneficial hemostatic gas, apply to uterine function sex to bleed the capacity is much person feed.

Horsebean of 2. horsebean Shang Chen 125 grams, brown sugar 90 grams. First old horsebean abluent, put person arenaceous bowl together with brown sugar, add water 500 milliliter, boil to the beans ripe can. Daily take feed 3 times, eat a beans to drink boiling water. This soup is had be good at the effect of lienal benefit water, comfortable1000 beautiful nets of Shanghai make friend

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Oedema of nephritis of sex of appropriate Yu Man, the disease such as lienal empty oedema.

Horsebean of 3. horsebean meal 250 grams, polished glutinous rice 500 grams. Immerse horsebean bilge, flay, boil in boiler of the boiling water that put a person to the fish out when eight maturity; Clean out rice additionally clean hind, immerse with the boiling water that has boiled horsebean overnight, morrow mixes polished glutinous rice horsebean mix is even, go up steam box evaporate about 1 hour, can edible. This meal has filling Xu Jian lienal, move medium effect with the stomach, to the person that aged body weak taste is on bad terms, feed have sanitarian effect.

White plum of 4. red horsebean 3, horsebean 5 see a gram, chinese prickly ash, salt, fennel, brazilwood, alum each are right amount. Put Bai Mei person boiler end first, again horsebean person boiler, add end of Chinese prickly ash, salt, fennel; Additional boiler boils brazilwood with water, person alum a few, go Zi takes water, irrigate boiler of this water edge quadrilateral below, horizontal neat bean is degree, boil to the beans ripe can. This meat and fish dishes has be good at stomach to wake lienal, add the effect that eats drink, the person that owes beautiful to accept of lienal empty stomach particularly appropriate.

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