Prevent individual information to be asked to add attach a slip of paper to a document with comments on it by pilfer Id photocopy

My Id never is used to others, be used however the photocopy that does not know to come from which lanes and alleys opened provincial mobile phone number. 9 days, fuzhou citizen reflects even the gentleman his vexed issue to the reporter.

Buy a house, in buying passport of card of car, conduction bank, application going abroad to live, the member that afore-mentioned case issue transactor should use id card or be Id photocopy. However, major person is in none below the circumstance of fortify, give Id photocopy relevant section. Cause individual information to divulge so or belongings losing example happens from time to tome. Many netizens raise action: Might as well attach a slip of paper to a document with comments on it is added on Id photocopy, can reduce the risk of the discharge outside information greatly.

Processing Id photocopy is very optional

10 days morning, the reporter is headed for early or late be located in Fuzhou drum-tower the site of much home bank of Ou Hualin road, road bosomy screen, Fu Fei road, river laying road undertakes investigating.

In the site of bank of a the people’s livelihood of Hua Lin road, the reporter gets stuck with handling a bank for, ask a staff member to help duplicate Id. The staff member says, already did not need Xerox in card of this conduction bank now, can use Id original to be dealt with on the machine directly. When the Id photocopy that seeks advice to deal with the keep when the bank gets stuck before when the reporter makes where manage, the other side replies: The bank is met appropriate is custodial. Subsequently, the reporter heads for site of the bank that start line of business, bank that enrol business, smooth big bank again, concerned answer is roughly same.

Did not hear of should add attach a slip of paper to a document with comments on it, duplicate comes out to give directly staff member, should do not have what problem. In China branch of Fuzhou of postal savings bank manages a site, mr Lin says the citizen that getting stuck in application deposit so.

Inside the inn of a duplicate of hot spring road, the reporter sees, the person that have 34 to apply for a jo上海千花社区


b is making resume, need one-time duplicate Id to count dicker, preparation attends the invite applications for a job of channel talent market to meet. Among them a to apply for a job person leave Id to let the duplicate in inn, oneself run in the cold drink inn next door. Are you afraid that identity information is embezzled by duplicate inn? The reporter asks. Do not have necessary concern, besides, the resume when applying for a job also wants to be cast everywhere, impossible to defend effectively. He says.

Inside the inn of a duplicate on industrial road, 10 thousand young 上海龙凤论坛

ladies are in the citizen duplicate Id, preparation deals with passport going abroad. The reporter reminds under, she just goes up in Xerox this photocopy makes write comments on a document only conduction passport is used.

Not hidden danger of safety of existence of attach a slip of paper to a document with comments on it

Refer of citizen leaf young lady the identity information two years ago is embezzled to experience still is remain fresh in one’s memory. At that time, she receives some bank to urge the letter that capture owes, weigh 3500 yuan to its credit card overdraws. Foliaceous young lady feels indescribable, oneself never had handled this bank credit card. She checks to this bank, frightened jump greatly. The data shows, before a few months, her under one’s name handled a piece of credit card. Later classics investigation, it is so Xerox loses the Id that when she ever will handle other work, imprints more to go up in desk at will, be embezzled to applied for to handle credit card by a colleague.

Public security 上海千花社区

bureau of the Fuzhou City handles a case via detect detachment personnel Police officer Liu tells a reporter, the individual information that produces in recent years is embezzled case, the information of great majority and individual Id photocopy is divulged about. He says, when dealing with all sorts of formalities now, often need to show Id original and photocopy. If relevant unit is custodial to the Id photocopy of reservation undeserved, cause the leak outside information, be risked likely to be used by others conduction credit card or it is to undertake other and illegal activity.

A variety of risks this how avoid

Yu Zhenglin of staff member of branch of Fuzhou of bank of the people’s livelihood tells a reporter, ba爱上海同城对对碰

nk bar staff is when the Id photocopy that accepts a client to offer,上海千花网龙凤论坛

can be in actively Xerox brim affix one’s seal, tag for business accessories. Additional, if the client buys the fiducial product that the bank sells goods on a commission basis, bar staff still can be active on Id photocopy specific tag use at buying some fiducial product. If client proper motion is on Id photocopy remarks, the bank also can be accepted all the same.

Police officer Liu reminds, when the citizen is referring Id photocopy, best above make clear exclusive utility, be made by pilfer in case he is used.

Fujian thinks to Liu Jie of solicitor of manage attorney office, ” Id of dweller of People’s Republic of China law ” in regulation, concerned unit and staff member are right the citizen individual information that fulfil obligation or provides the dweller Id account that in serving a process, wins, ought to give confidential. Answer besides party appropriate is custodial outside the information such as oneself identity document, receive the unit of Id photocopy to also answer appropriate is custodial. If Id photocopy keeps the unit offers Xerox intentionally another person, final because of custodial and bad mistake, be used by illegal element, custodial unit should assume responsibility. Accordingly, to can yet be regarded as of Xerox attach a slip of paper to a document with comments on it one kind prevents a measure.

He suggests, on Xerox the content of attach a slip of paper to a document with comments on it should include 3 essential factor: It is Id offers which unit, 2 it is utility what be, 3 it is to make clear other utility to disable. Additional, on Xerox attach a slip of paper to a document with comments on it also has exquisite. The first, use blue ball-point pen or sign the pen is written on something Wu is special, content as far as possible detailed, but do not obscure Id number and full name; The 2nd, partial character and Id should have across; The 3rd, write 3 normally, every should draw horizontal line at the back of travel, lest be stolen,add a written language.

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