Remove hundred years flourish to open to the outside world curtilage today tell about flour king Rong Zongjing to reach its familial history

Login register text of news of finance and economics of center of news of the network austral Fujian to remove hundred years flourish to open to the outside world curtilage today tell about flour king Rong Zongjing to reach its: of familial history origin?  ferment?2017-10-17 08:16 Http://

Original title: Rong Zhaiming rises to be opened freely to the public

Open to the outside world since Rong Zhaiming. The youth signs up for reporter Wu Kai to photograph

Oriental net on October 1上海龙凤论坛

6 message: According to ” the youth signs up for ” report, the reporter did know from the 上海千花网

static news that bring a district yesterday, by Italian craftsman elaborate and reparative flourish of 6 years will come at opening to the outside world on October 17, 2017 curtilage next month 12 days. This residence history but Yuan Su comes 20 centuries are earlier, rong Zongjing of house distinguished family is familial at that time ever lived hereat. From 1938-2017, this hundred years often open first time freely to the public curtilage.

Flourish is located at road of north of the static Shaanxi that bring a district curtilage 186. Flour king Rong Zongjing and its are familial at going up 229 time are in the century this lives. After war of resistance against aggres上海龙凤论坛sh1f

sion erupts, the war makes business of Rong Zongjing company big stricken. On January 4, 1938, he stops all business set out leave.

All previous was greeted before New Year in how curtilage via the flourish of hundred years PRADA and Italian building stylist and craftsman group, they introduce Europe in repair the practice of artisan art, reparative project goal depends on repairing the part of damaged, in order to restore the historical former appearance of exterior of residence interior trim. In the meantime, undertake to residence necessary structural sex is strengthened reach functional sex innovation. The flourish after repair is full of bright Euro爱上海同城对对碰

pean classical color curtilage

It is reported, prada flourish will be opened at facing the public on Octob上海千花网交友

er 17, 2017 curtilage, to next month 12 days end.

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