Unified should exit convenient cover market? Consolidate an industry: This is to be read by accident

The near future, media says, unified will exit convenient cover market. Regard home as one of Shuangxiong of convenient cover market, this one message causes netizen height to pay close attention to. Nevertheless, the reporter will cover unified industry in the light of this matter on August 13 when relevant controller, this controller states this one message is to be read by accident, unified won’t leave an area this market.

Message of 上海夜网

media of Taiwan of cite of much home media, say unified and convenient cover will exit the market stage by stage. This one message comes from consolidate an industry at will uniting group division to fall on August 11, in uniting, accuse, unified fact holds specification of associated legal person to be able to go up. The report says, luo Zhi preexistence shows unified company president on the meeting, convenient cover lasts government changes development high character, 5 yuan of above occupy the RMB taller than be being pulled stage by stage, as the market consumption conditi阿拉爱上海同城

on is changed, interior already had consensus to will exit convenient cover market stage by stage.

This message, cause numerous ne上海夜网论坛

tizen heat to discuss. Many netizens express, do not be willing the convenient area that oneself like taste exits the market. Also the netizen expresses to want to go store up goods.

Be aimed at this matter, journalist of view of legal evening paper covered unified industry on August 13 morning relevant controller. This controller expresses, unite and did not express to want to exit this one market. Afore-mentioned views are Taiwan media is read by accident.

Should be in charge o上海龙凤论坛sh1f

f expressing, in uniting group president Luo Zhi to make a speech first alleged exit convenient cover market, it is to should jump out to have frame actually. Unified will new fixed position is convenient face market. And this jumps out to have frame is not to point to traditional and convenient cover won’t redo, just can spend too much spirit not quite there. Prospective all one side kind the product makes promotion as consumptive city environment. For instance, unified the Shang Da that roll out is person, full Chinese the product of 5 yuan of above such as big eat is occupied taller than be being pulled stage by stage, but the market does not regard Shang Da’s person as convenient range, regard as however acting eat.

On August 8, unified release half an year signed up for outstanding achievement 2017. This year first half of the year, unified battalion receives ten billion eight hundred and eighty-six million yuan, drop compared to the same period 7.1% ; Gross profit 3.659 billion yuan, decrease compared to the same period 15.38% ; Net 570 million yuan, decrease co爱上海同城手机版

mpared to the same period 26.52% . Among them, income of business of convenient cover of unified enterprise China 3.954 billion yuan, relatively the corresponding period is small last year glide 1.4% , did not turn round declining tendency as before. (reporte爱上海同城对对碰

r Zhang Xin)

Responsibility edits: Ling Qin Li

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