First days of patch drops without shadow probability! ” anthem ” chief producer appears personally clear

Experienced the fight hard weekend, a lot of players point out ” anthem ” booty is dropped rate it is it seems that in first days of patch the shadow that be down, and the chief producer of game stands now the explanation says, this fine tuning is for repair actually innocently Buff. The line on Zhou Wu of first days of patch, and weekend is amuse oneself height, because this is dropped,led the problem that drop to be gotten on very quickly by disclose each big play community. ” anthem ” producer Ben Irving is in Reddit only editi上海千花网交友

on return path, booty is dropped rate was reduced really, but this is reduced be close to more actually at a kind of rehabilitate. “In first days of patches of our Zhou Wu, one when what we do is revised arose to make booty is droppe上海同城对对碰交友社区

d lead descendent secondary action. This does not do it of purpose, we just discovered original problem, change it after about 11 hours returned the model previously. ” accordingly we can are informed, first days of patch has a shadow that was not written in note really, but not be the brazenly that players blame reduce a problem, the player experiences before ” promotion passes ” drop leading is updated secondary action, now by repair, saying to drop frank ability inferiorly at present so is the player’s normal experience. Irving c上海千花网龙凤论坛


mplements: “Our上海贵族宝贝

purpose is not absolutely the change is made below the circumstance with transparent blame, so I am 上海夜网

made here now respond to and clarify. So I am made here now respond to and clarify..

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