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A lot of people have a morning to rise the habit of ran, but body strain can feel after ran. If be on Saturday, on Sunday, likelihood ran come back to be able to have tired idea, the hope sleeps shut-eye, next again new take action. Although after ran very overworked, but after experts do not suggest to rise early, sleep afresh again, such notFall in love with sea otter phoenix 419 sauna

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Can break biology balance only, still can let body rule be affected. So, does the disadvantage that comes back to sleep have morning run what?

In the morning ran come back to sleep

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Oxygen carry gerund explains

Motion having oxygen is the physical training that undertakes below the circumstance that shows human body is supplied adequately in oxygen. The characteristic is intensity low, have rhythm, duration is longer (make an appointment with 15 minutes or above) . Athletic intensity is in medium or medium first-class rate, namely the biggest heartbeat (220- age) 75% ~ 85% .

In the morning ran come back to sleep

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After moving after motion having oxygen sleeping after the hour the least how long can sleep

Morpheus studies the expert has said, good Morpheus is the main component of healthy life, raise Morpheus quality to be able to make the body and mental health condition get ameliorative. Through having oxygen motion treats insomnia to be able to avoid medicationed side effect effectively. Researcher reminds at the same time, athletic time had better not arrange before sleeping one hour, for less to ruling time freely person, “Take exercise one hour to sleep one hour more than be on the bed in the morning more beneficial to the body ” .

In the morning ran come back to sleep

3, move 30 minutes to increase one hour Morpheus every other day

This investigation confirms, if insomnious person does 30 minutes of right-and-left exercise every other day, after 4 months, average Morpheus time can increase 1 hour. And, a research that American sports medicine learns to announce shows, motion aids the effect of Mian and athletic form to concern. Flexibility training is inferior to motion having oxygen to improving the result of Morpheus quality, experts are analysed, this likelihood and kinetic energy of carry having oxygen raise body temperature, whole body letting a person gets relaxation concerned. In the meantime, the measurable exhaustion that place of motion having oxygen produces feels, also can stimulate human body, make the person enters more deep-seated Morpheus. So, often of insomniaFall in love with sea otter phoenix 419 sauna

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The person can undertake walking, slowForum of 1000 the Long Feng that spend a net

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Run, cyclist wait for motion to try to improve to his Morpheus.

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