[often can ran crus coarsen? ] _ is regular – of reason of ran motion _

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In daily life ran is a kind of commonner motion having oxygen, and long-term run is very good to the body, but the circumstance that because ministry of long-term ran leg can appear easily,coarsens, this is brought about, long-term ran can bring about the muscle of crus easily, make leg ministry looks easily more stout and strong, go against reduce weight thin body, and correct ran needs to shift to an earlier date the situation that warm up prevents leg ministry to coarsen.

Often can ran crus coarsen?

Ran why can crus coarsen?

1, second ran time grows sheet not quite, the mistake estimated him needShanghai night net

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The calorie of bad news, did not control food again at ordinary times, gain flesh naturally. Actually ten kilometers may use up ran only the quantity of heat of a small cake.

2, you misunderstood crus muscle. The person should use muscle only, the blood that carries energy can be centered in specific athletic place, cause this place to appear the similar oedema, phenomenon that seems to coarsen it seems that. Nevertheless, this kind ” intumescent ” the brief sex reaction that because the body produces after intense campaign,seems now, not be true ” coarsen ” , need not worry, very fastShanghai noble baby communicates an area

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Original state.

The crus after how avoiding ran coarsens?

1, the warm up before running very important

Warm-up must be done first before motion, pull muscle in case. It is especially before ran, attach most importance to especially to the drawing of leg ministry should. Be in only warm-up is sufficient, and drawing reachs the designated position below the circumstance, crus ability with ” groove ” devoted ” fight ” .

Often can ran crus coarsen?

2, ran pose should correct

When be being placed before the ham when ran send coxa actively, ham and genu exert oneself to do sth. go up ahead swing, is not an upgrade carry. The foot when ran should fall before the body to arrange the place of one feet, stand by in the middle of line. Crus is unfavorable cross too far, avoid to because get power,pass with tendon big and strain. Should notice crus muscle is mixed at the same time be in with tendon the amortize when touchdown, the crus when be born should gather up actively backward the ground, make the body active and forward.

Direction is placed to want before final crus, foot should as far as possible before face, do not want evaginate or hind break up, otherwise knee joint and gambrel look vulnerability. Mid touchdown of the foot is used when ran, make wallop rapid arrive dispersedly complete sole.

3, do as far as possible have oxygen campaign

Take exercise to ran for, either effect of intense of athletic Shaoxing opera is better, mere attention moves every time the quantity of heat that uses up is a mistake. Increase in ran intensity when accelerating, the quantity of heat that you use up is met grow in quantity, but the meeting is rightLove Shanghai is the same as a city

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Crus and knee had created great burden, muscleShanghai Long Feng forum

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Can grow quickly.

So, remember be at ordinary times after ran best can undertake alleviating in time through the method above, the muscle of ministry letting a leg can get complete relaxation, and still should want the intensity that the attention moves and time at ordinary timesLove Shanghai is the same as a city

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Often can ran crus coarsen?

4, run hind drawing cannot little

The person that a lot of novices run often easy oversight the extend after running this one link. Extend is done to move after running not only can alleviate the muscle after ran is nervous, avoid to cause brawn take up, still can maintain a leg effectively model perfect.

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