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Lumbago basically is to point to lumbar a side or two side produce aching feeling, a lot of youths also can appear now this kind of disease. The cause that causes this kind of disease also has a lot of, for instance aged and sickish, kidney empty essence of life is short, the inadequacy that enrage blood waits what what bring about a moment, proposal patient friends should rest more at ordinary times.

The waist bilges painful how to do, 4 action were solved


1, does lumbar flesh exercise hygiene: ? Xin member = ” ?: ? Dizzy? of Xin of buccal sip ⊙ , above all double foot, double ancon and head at 5 o’clock, prop up go up at the bed, the waist, back, buttock and lower limbs are held out forcibly leave bed area a bit, maintain feelLove Shanghai is the same as city forum

Love Shanghai is the same as a city
When exhaustion, restore to lie on his back calmly again rest. Undertake the left and right sides 10 minutes repeatedly by this law, everyday morning and evening takes exercise each.

2, does Fu lie hygiene: ? Buccal Bu fan ” ┪ dizzy? , will double upper limbs puts rearward instead, hold out cephalothorax and double leg forcibly forcibly next leave bed area, make the body is shown instead bend, insist to come to feel fatigue a bit till. Exercise the left and right sides 10 minutes repeatedly according to this law, everyday morning and evening each.

3, the small of the back kowtows attack massage hygieneShanghai night net

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: ? Buccal Bu take along sth to sb common  ? , grasp empty fist with left hand first, be in with left fist left waist from above to below. After light chuck attacks 10 minutes, palm of reoccupy left hand is massaged up and down or knead is controlled 5 minutes, a day two. Be the same as law of left hand sports with the right hand conversely next.

4, hot compress or physiotherapy: ? Ling of  of  of person of bud of take along sth to sb of gorge of quarter Yan Fu rejects locust of class of bed of a man’s cap used in ancient times of screen firewood straightforward advice truly? , usable also bran 1. 5 kilograms, after paste is fried inside iron bowl, add again feed vinegar 0. After 25 kilograms of fast mix are even, load self-restrained inside hop-pocket, place hot compress of good with quilt lid in aching place heat preservation next. Usable far infrared ray heats up cure implement or the physiotherapy such as appearance of Zhou Lin spectrum.

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The waist bilges painful how to do, 4 action were solved


1. lumbagoShanghai noble baby

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the pathogeny is the evil outside experiencing more, , kidney empty essence is deficient, aged sickish, sudden strain or contusion of a muscle drops attack, be caused by of gas blood be retarded by silt. Clinical expression is: Cold wet model have the waist cold painful, acid bilges to be worn again, turn side is adverse, the feature such as aggravate of day of overcast and rainy. Irritated heat of damp and hot suffering having an opening, pee short bare, companion has glowing feeling, when climate damp and hot more painful wait for a symptom.

The waist bilges painful how to do, 4 action were solved

2. silt blood type is painful have calm place, if awl is like thorn, a simple move or action is unfavorable, companion has blood in the urine, day light night is heavy. Kidney empty criterion aching and limp is heavy painful, happy event knead happy event by, fatigue hind is painful very, lie to be reduced, complexion is cadaverousShanghai noble baby communicates an area

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, be perturbed mouth works, happy event is warm be afraid of cold, brothers is not lukewarm.

Folk treats the proved recipe of all sorts of lumbago to have:

1: Prescription: Angelica 12 grams, brazilwood, peach kernelSh1f of Shanghai Long Feng forum

Shanghai Long Feng forum
, earthworm each 9 grams, guan Gui, hemp yellow, Huang Bai, licorice each 6 grams. Usage: Water simmer in water, day 1 agent, anteprandial cent is taken 2 times, 15 days are 1 period of treatment. Curative effect: Take drug 2 period of treatment, cure rate amounts to 92%

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