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Autumn comes hiemal moment, this fruit meets grapefruit often appear in the life of people. Many fructose and fruit acid are contained in grapefruit, do not have completely mature grapefruit so, tasting is very acerbity, the grapefruit after complete maturity however very sweet. Should eat after drunk wine a few can alleviate appropriately the food of drunk wine phenomenon, but if be in,drink wine laterShanghai noble baby

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Ate grapefruit, what kind of harm can you cause to the body?

Wine hind eats grapefruit

One, whether can grapefruit eat after drinking

Like nonabstainer to be able to find out a few methods that can explain wine more very much, will alleviate Bacchic, the method that explains wine is very much, some is really effective, however some results that just fabricate. Someone says to honey grapefruit tea can be drunk to see alcoholic drink after drinking, and return can alleviate halitosis, drink can you eat grapefruit? Does grapefruit have the effect that sees alcoholic drink? Understand together!

1, have grapefruit solution alcoholic drink

Eat grapefruit to have the certain effect that see alcoholic drink, basically be yellow ketone part is contained in grapefruit, below the participation that divides in certain candy, the avoids alcohol oxidation with yellow ketone can effective material, have certain precautionary effect to drunk wine.

2, grapefruit solution alcoholic drink has before wine

Grapefruit has certain stimulative effect to gastric bowel path, can promote the exudation of hydrochloric acid in gastric juice and the peristalsis that stimulative stomach bowel, proper before drink eat two grapefruit, alcohol can be promoted to through gastric bowel after drink outside eliminating put oneself in another’s position, have the effect that see alcoholic drink.

3, grapefruit solution alcoholic drink has after wine

After drink alcohol spends existence stomach with Gao Nong inside, eat a few grapefruit at that time can attenuant alcohol, reduce alcohol concentration. More prandial fiber is contained in grapefruit pulp moreover, to be in gastric internal energy absorbs many moisture, expand, this process also can be absorbed a few1000 beautiful nets of Shanghai

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Alcohol composition, have the effect that see alcoholic drink, but effect of the edible before its solve wine action to do not have wine is good.

Wine hind eats grapefruit

2, eat grapefruit to have what note

Grapefruit still contains rich natural citron acid and all sorts of inorganic salt kind, not only conduce liver, stomach, the function such as lung, and still have clear hot relieve inflammation or fever, relieve a cough expectorant effect. What does the note that takes grapefruit then have? Look together!

1, the grapefruit with unfavorable edible too agonized flavour.

2, the person of lienal empty have loose bowels is unfavorable eat.

Grapefruit sex is cold, the person of lienal empty have loose bowels ate grapefruit meeting diarrhoea, the person with reason body cold empty is unfavorable eat more.

3, grapefruit edible quantity wants proper, can affect hepatic detoxify not only, make liverA falls in love with the sea to be the same as a city

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Injury, and still can cause other and undesirable reaction, happen even toxic, appear include listless and dazed, disgusting, heart-throb, tachycardia, lack of power, blood pressure to fall low symptom.

4, grapefruit does not suggest for instance with seafood shrimp, crab, clam, oyster is equal eat.

Grapefruit contains many vitamin C, seafood style is embedded and much arsenic, theoretic tell, the vitamin C(of high dose is one-time absorb vitamin C to exceed 500 milligram) with 5 price arsenicShanghai noble baby communicates an area

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Through mixed chemical response, meeting change is poisonous tervalent arsenic (namely ” * ” ) , can bring about human body when tervalent arsenic achieves regular dose toxic.

Wine hind eats grapefruit

5, during taking medicine unfavorable take grapefruit

① grapefruit cannot is the same as with certain medicines and chemical reagents take

Clinical discovery, tall lipemia patient sends with juice of a cup of grapefruit take a beauty to fall fat pill, the result is equivalent to sending with a cup of water take 12, L5 piece of congener medicine fall hematic fat action, the patient can appear accordingly muscle is painful, even nephritic pathological changes. A few patients are being taken fight allergic medicine to be not that especially fixed, if had grapefruit or water grapefruit juice, light appear dazed, heart-throb, rhythm of the heart is wrong etc, serious likelihood sudden death.

The medicaments that ② and grapefruit produce undesirable effect

The medicaments that can produce interaction with grapefruit has a lot of, the calcic Jie such as grass of sulfur of Er of n of benzene of the saltpetre that be like ∶ , Weilapami, ground fights an agent, chloric nitrogen equality fights chlorpromazine, on the west the gastric bowel medicine such as Sha Bili, the immunity such as A of annulus Bao element orsA pulls love Shanghai to be the same as a city

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Preparation, the centre a shot in the arm such as * . Drinkable juice of a cup of grapefruit, the possibility that produces effect with medicaments can maintain 24 hours, accordingly, serving medical patient, especially old people, had better not eat grapefruit or drink grapefruit juice.

The woman that ③ takes prophylactic answers diet: Grapefruit is most outstanding to the influence of prophylactic. Grapefruit is met block up the female absorption to prophylactic.

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