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Article introduction

Calorie points to quantity of heat namely actually, quantity of heat is a kind of material with indispensable human body, if human body quantity of heat is overmuch,can be, these quantity of heat can be changed into adiposeLove Shanghai is the same as a city

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, let a person produce fat phenomenon. And a kind of milk products that yoghurt became more and more people to like to eat, and the practice of yoghurt is varied, can drink yoghurt directly not only, still can make yoghurt ice-cream other perhaps and fastfood, but how much is the calorie in yoghurt probably?

 The calorie of yoghurt

Yoghurt of every 100 grams its quantity of heat is 72 kilocalorie, and if be defatted yoghurt, every quantity of heat of 100 is 57 kilocalorie. And the quantity of heat of every 100g egg is 144K probably, the quantity of heat of every 100g cake is 348K probably, the quantity of heat of every 100g chocolate is 586K probably, so this shows, the quantity of heat of yoghurt is not very tall, belong to food of low quantity of heat however, so a lot of slant fat or the delicious mouth with higher blood pressure people need not use concern, can be at ease completely edible. And yoghurt still can have very good step-down effect.

Will see yoghurt from data is not the food with very fast quantity of heat, and yoghurt contains very rich nutrition, during reducing weight, be OK right amount and a few more drinkable.

The effect reducing weight of milk should be close friends a few, especially low fat grandma. Because the yoghurt on market added the high fever such as candy, fruit mostly,measure food.

 The calorie of yoghurt

Extend a data

Yoghurt is it is raw material with milk, beneficial bacterium is added to the middle of milk again after passing pasteurize (ferment agent) , classics after fermenting, the milk products of one bull kept for covering that again cooling fill installs.

Goods of the yoghurt on the market is at present much with caky model, agitate with the fruit flavor that adds the complementary makings such as all sorts of fruit juice conserve model for many. Yoghurt not only all advantages that retained milk, and certain respect classicsLove Shanghai is the same as edition of city mobile phone

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Short, become more agree with nutrient health care of the mankind is tasted.

The effect of yoghurt and action

Can prevent osteoporosis

Because although be yoghurt, but also be milk products, rich calcium and vitamin D are contained in milk products, and the action with these two kinds of very large to preventing osteoporosis to have elements.

 The calorie of yoghurt

Precaution is hypertensive

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The person of portion or 3 more yoghurt, hypertensive hair ill danger compares those not drinker was reduced 50% .

Enhance immune power

Because also be milk products, also contain rich protein, can promote airframe immunity force, still contain very substantial increase to give birth to bacterium at the same time, can promote bowel the immune force of the path.

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Prevent infection of department of gynaecology

Consider to discover, as long as everyday drinkable yoghurt of 200 milliliter sweet taste, can make the vagina maintains better acidity, enhance the strength that guides oneself, affect vaginitis in order to decrease little department of gynaecology.

Increase appetite of full abdomen feeling, control

Drink yoghurt to than eating a lot of food more full abdomen feels, such OK and effective control absorb alimental amount, also conduce to the figure that keeps good.

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