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This kind of cooked wheaten food believes seafood face a lot of people edible passes, and the distinction of the noodle of seafood face and daily edible is having full-bodied seafood taste with seafood face, also can join a few seafood to feed material to be made together between seafood face, face of beautiful clam seafood is a kind special the seafood scale that accepts people to love is phyletic, but very much to the making method of face of this kind of seafood person is not clear. So, of face of beautiful clam seafood make1000 beautiful net forum of ShanghaiForum of 1000 the Long Feng that spend a net

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What is making a method?

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The first, what is the making method of face of beautiful clam seafood? With makings, beautiful clam a few 10, hand roll face 100 grams, bright shrimp 5, green 1, vegetable oil is right amount, rape 4, salt 1 small gather, soy 1 small spoon, oyster sauce 2, essence of clear water comfortable chicken at 1 o’clock, first clam, green mouth is put into weak brine to immerse 20 minutes, 1000 beautiful net forum of Shanghai

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Let it spit the fine sand inside body clean. Sea shrimp is cleaned clean, qing Gongjiao cuts flake, onion cuts the Ding Bei of 1cm size to use. Oil is entered in boiler, oil is lukewarm 5 onion man is put when becoming heat, fry with medium baking temperature become angry to onion.

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The 2nd, have fragrance trail. Catch the clam that will wash clean down, green mouth, ordinal in putting bowl, put sea shrimp to fry 30 seconds again next. Boil enters white wine, join salt, unripe smoke, enter water, the cap on the lid, boil work to Shang Zhishou, about 10 minutes or so. When what close when soup juice is about the same, put green chili, fire involves after scattering white pepper to fry divide evenly. Full amount clear water is entered in boiler, noodle is put after water leaves, boil probablyForum of Shanghai night net

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4 minutes or so, fish out puts the refrigeration in cold water, next drop does water share.

 Spend clam seafood face

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What be? Will beautiful clam is put into water, join right amount salt, clam letting a flower spits sand clean (I put 40 minutes, water has been changed 2 times among) chopped green onion, garlic gets the materials ready hot pot, enter a few oil, put chopped green onion, garlic, stir-fry before stewing fries a fragrance to put abluent beautiful clam, join oyster sauce, unripe smoke and do chili to break up quickly fry a few times, till beautiful clam all ask for a favor, (After beautiful clam ask for a favor hind can produce a lot of juice, very bright oh) add two bowls of big water, boil hind joins banger, piscine bolus, prawn, boil ripe add an area, after side of flavour of lock of lid of the boiler on the lid is good, join rape to iron one transfer to a lower level to flavor into right amount salt and gallinaceous essence, can give boiler.

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