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A lot of people of likelihood of Gan Chan skin had not seen, actually this also can process the medicinal material in becoming a kind, and want only be correct if using, be to be able to achieve the very good result that fights cancer, after all now of cancer come on odds is to become more and more, say to be able to have so restrain the effect, but must notice, if be to takeForum of Shanghai night net

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Using much word also is to be able to appear for the body to oneself a few1000 beautiful net forum of Shanghai

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Poison action.

The skin that toad nature exuviate comes down includes the clothes, also be Chan skin, because it is very thin, call Chan garment again.

Chan garment is the cuticular Bao Yi that toad nature exuviate comes down, can remove dense evil tumor also, it is its the five internal organs the essence of 6 lung is angry, induct the Hua Bao of heaven and earth of yin and yang, use treat foul disease, have no do not heal. Pick from Li Shizhen ” detailed outline of a book on Chinese medicine ” , by the expert accepted for. [anticarcinogen manages] : The fat inside Chan poison kind material is right tumour of B of small rat S180, hare, P, cervix cancer 14, ascites liver cancer, all have inhibition, the cheekbone that can restrain a person on airframe jaws up and down not1000 beautiful nets of Shanghai

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Differentiation cancer, all have inhibition, the cheekbone fluctuation jaw that can restrain a person on airframe did not split up cancer, of the tumor cell such as leather cancer, cancer of the stomach, lienal caruncle, liver cancer breathe outForum of Shanghai noble baby

Shanghai noble baby
Suck, in test tube, have inhibition to leukaemia cell.

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Forum of Shanghai night net
Book cure case sees, collecting medicinal material means is decorticate the toad directly, machine Chan skin to work next article. A toad can machine garment of a piece of dry Chan only, means of this kind of kill the goose that lays the golden eggs, destroyed link of development agriculture zoology already, wasted toad resource again, and reduced economic benefits, still give or take a lot of trouble take time. Use new technology, make live only body toad, a year can strip is controlled 40 pieces, and a bit does not affect the health of the toad grow. Use for the toad offer more opportunity.

Quality flavour function

Flavour laboriousForum of baby of new Shanghai noble

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, the gender is lukewarm, poisonous. Can alexipharmic, acetanilide, have one’s ideas straightened out, wake the function such as the god.

Get used to a symptom

Cancer of cancer of ascites of hepatitis, liver cancer, liver, skin, cancer of the stomach, lung cancer, esophagus, bowel cancer, evil disease also has the dense such as tumour of flesh of proliferous to nephrosis mammary gland, oedema, dropsy, uterus distinct curative effect

① treats chronic tracheitis to take work toad general skin is complete denude, adust grind end, chen Mi is made be bolus or install capsule.

Every time profess to convinced 1 gram, daily 2.

10 days are one period of treatment, stop drug 5 days, add takes the 2nd period of treatment.

Observe 334, via the first period of treatment hind, businesslike for 69.7% , of 2 period of treatment businesslike for 70% .

Should taste relieve a cough, excel of action of make expectoration easy makes the same score asthma.

② treats malignant tumor to use skin of Chan king Chan 0.4 grams, catechu 0.4 grams, yuan introduced from the northern and western nationalities or from abroad 0.2 grams, grind in all sheeting of delicate last stage.

Every time 1 grams, day is taken 1 times.

Take 2 week hind repeatedly, add 0.4 grams of 0.2 ~ every time, till 3 weeks are one period of treatment.

This medicine is right each model cancer of the stomach all has different level curative effect, best to the curative effect of cankerous canceration.

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