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Leek is the vegetable that a kind of everybody often eats, leek is healthy to the male it is very advantageous. White sugar is everybody’s more familiar food, can use when making food everyday flavor. When leek and white sugar eat together, it is scarcer circumstance. But can treat disease problem, study the issue with body bad situation of the male only. What can leek and white sugar treat so?

What can leek and white sugar treat

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Eat leek to cannot order the man quite completely not Yo, just say leek can have the effect to filling kidney Zhuang Yang. OK and auxiliary cure is impotent premature ejaculation, still can eat a few hotpot more usually, medlar, black soya bean. Get up should notice wine of smoke of Buddhist monastic discipline, maintain enough sleep, move appropriately, rise to enhance constitutional action.

(1) leek fries Hu Tao: Walnutmeat 30 grams (flay) , fry with sesame oil first small yellow, put right amount salt, leek is entered after 120 grams, fry cooked food.

Result from ” square arteries and veins is authentic ” . Introduced from the northern and western nationalities or from abroad peach kernel and leek are used together, pleasant Xin Wenrun, be aided by kidney1000 beautiful nets of Shanghai make friend

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Yang Zhigong is much better. Use at Wei of kidney Xu Yang, lumbar acerbity frequent micturition.

(Boiling water of milk of ox of 2) leek juice: Leek 250 grams, ginger 30 grams, cut paragraph or dolly, gauze bag, wring take juice; add to join bovine breed 250 grams, heat boil, slowly lukewarm take.

What can leek and white sugar treat

Result from ” law of red brook heart ” . Stomach of this take a tonic to build up health of the square breast that use an ox is angry, ginger Wen Zhonghua is phlegmy stop vomit, leek sweat is appetizing fall go against, medicinal powder Yu. Use at taste Xu Han, vomiting is fed less, or choke midriff is queasy, pectoral midriff pain, the person that the stomach has blood of phlegmy chaotic Yu. Contemporary and usable at esophagus cancer, cancer of the stomach and stomach and duodenum ulcer, chronic gastritis.

Just add pear juice, lotus root juice originally, the drink in be being installed for 5 juice. Can add fluid moisten the respiratory tract, expectorant open a tie. Use at choke midriff, mental disorder crosses block, deglutition block, the mouth works acerbity etc

(Juice of 3) bright leek: Leek 500 grams, dolly, wring take juice. Take 50~100ml every time, daily 3. Can add right amount brown sugar to flavor.

Result from ” dietotherapy a book on Chinese medicine ” . Just take unripe leek to come loose originally Yu is acetanilide. Use at ” pectoral pain or numbness caused by cold, in the heart the urgent painful stab that be like awl, do not get a simple move or action, … or on painful thorough back. stomachShanghai noble baby

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Wan pain.

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(Bolus of glutinous rehmannia of 4) leek juice: Leek 500 grams, wring take juice, use at glutinous rehmannia 250 grams, dip in leek juice, insolation or boil with small fire after working to juice, it is glutinous rehmannia pound bolus, every bolus makes an appointment with 3 grams. Morning and evening takes 2 pill each, warm boiled water sends take.

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Result from ” square arteries and veins is authentic ” . Unripe glutinous rehmannia can be cool blood is hemostatic, with taste conpatibility of medicines to have originally medicinal powder the effect with hemostatic Yu. Use at haematemesis, cough blood, nosebleeding blood, hematuria or blood drench etc.

What can leek and white sugar treat

Officinal effect

Leek colza is vivacious herbaceous, florescence 7 ~ in August, fruit period 8 ~ in September.

Leek colza function advocate treat

Filling liver kidney, warm waist genu, help this world, solid essence. With aching and limp of genu of frequency of pee of Yu Yang Wei, seminal emission, enuresis, waist, Shanghai noble baby

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Cold painful, leucorrhoea is overmuch.

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